Brynmenyn Primary

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Caterpillars - Reception

Spring Term 2022


Our topic this term is “Hip Hip Hooray”

Our term plan is attached for your information.

It is helpful if you make sure all of your child’s uniform is labelled with his/her name.

Please put a change of clothes in your child’s bag in case they have an accident.

We will have PE on a Tuesday, please send your child in PE kit on this day. Black/Grey leggings, joggers or shorts and a white t-shirt.

Please make sure you put water and not squash in your child’s drink bottle.

This term the children will be planning a birthday party for Peppa Pig.  At the end of the term, they will be celebrating the party in class by dressing up and making party food.  Details will follow. 



Many thanks Mrs Pemberton/Mr Jones

Mid Term Skills Hip Hip Hooray

W/E 13.05

This week we have gone green! We have learnt about all the different ways we use water and how we can save water. We have been learning about capacity. We have created a class bottle top model of a snail and completed mindfulness activities in our playing field. We have also completed work on lower case and capital letters.

W/E 06.05

The last two weeks our learning has been about ‘Unique me and diversity.’ We have talked and written about what makes us unique. We have collected a tally of the different eye coloured in our class and put this information into a chart. We have measured our height using non-standard measure. We have talked about how to be a good friend and written about who is a good friend to us. This just a selection of all the exciting learning that we have completed linked to this context.

W/E 01.04

This week our learning has all been based around Easter.  We have written about the Easter Story and played an Easter pairs game.  We have completed a number Easter egg hunt and measured Easter objects using standard and  non-standard measure.  We have also been learning Easter songs and making salt dough Easter decorations.

W/E 04.03

In Caterpillars this week we have been busy writing poems about what we love about Wales, sorting healthy and unhealthy toppings for our pancakes and sharing our favourite books for World Book Day.

W/E 18.02

W/E 11.02


Our learning this week has been linked to Valentine’s day and planning for Peppa’s party. We have used love hearts to count and record the number of different colour love hearts for data handling. We have written about someone we love and why we love them. 

We have written the last plans for Peppa’s party including which games we will play. We have made chocolate crispy cakes for the party. 

W/E 04.02

We have had a busy week in the Caterpillar class learning and writing all about Chinese New Year and also making Chinese lanterns.

Sandwich Making

Comparing Objects