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Millipedes - Year Two

Welcome to the Millipedes Class Page.


We have an exciting term planned for you. Our topic this term is ‘We are Wales’.

We will be researching famous Welsh people, places and landmarks. We will be exploring the beautiful countryside and coastal scenery and we will be learning about the tourist attractions that people love to visit when they come to Wales.

Our learning will culminate in creating a tourism brochure to persuade people to visit our beautiful country.

General Information

Please remember that our P.E. day is every Thursday. Please make sure that your child comes to school wearing a suitable P.E. kit – black shorts and a white T-shirt if possible.

Reading and Maths

To support your child at home, please ensure that he/she logs in to Active Learn to access their online reading books and Maths games.

We are happy to help in any way we can. Please message us on Class Dojo.

Millipedes Team

Spring Term 2022


Our topic for this term is "We are Wales".


We’ve had a very busy start to our spring topic ‘We are Wales’. The children thought about what they already know about our country and also what they would like to learn about wonderful Wales.

They have already learnt that Wales is part of the United Kingdom and they have labelled the four countries that make up the United Kingdom on a map.


The Mighty Millipedes have also started learning which famous people were born in Wales. They are enjoying listening to stories written by the Welsh author Roald Dahl and they have loved creating art work in the style of Welsh Artist Susie Grindey.


In Maths, the children have been learning about fact families using three numbers.


In Real PE they worked with a partner and in a group to create a counter balance. The children supported and encouraged each other to create some fantastic balances using different parts of their body.


There was also much excitement on Thursday as the children were awarded their Kerbcraft certificates for learning how to cross the road safely. They were also given water bottles, reflector keyrings and a storybook as prizes for all their hard work and fantastic listening skills.


A great start to the new term – well done Millipedes.

W/E 04.03

In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning about acrostic poems and wrote some fantastic poems about castles and dragons to link in with St. David’s Day.

We had a fantastic St David’s Day celebration in the hall with Year 1. The children performed poems and songs and congratulated friends who won certificates for the handwriting, art and writing competitions. Two of our Year 2 children very bravely read their winning acrostic poems out in front of everyone.

The children then had another exciting day dressed up as their favourite book character. We shared stories and read to each other and of course the children showed off their fantastic costumes.

W/E 04.02


It’s been another busy week in Year 2. The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of Sglod and Chips written by Ruth Morgan. They made connections in their learning and understood that Ruth Morgan is a Welsh author and that our story of the week is set in Wales.

The story generated much discussion about how we should eat healthily and exercise and the children designed a healthy Eatwell plate for Sglod the Dog.

The children have learnt about the features of a Newspaper Report and what a great Newspaper Report looks like. They have then written their own report to explain how Sglod was the hero of the day and saved Cariad the snooty poodle.

They have also been helping Sglod with some problem solving and are using their mathematical skills to find answers to lots of mathematical questions. They have had to show Sglod how to work out the answers.

The children have thought about the different emotions that Sglod has felt during the story and have been learning to say these emotions in Welsh.

In Mojo Challenges, the children have designed an obstacle course to help Sglod get fit and healthy, have written a thank you card to Sglod from Cariad, have made character puppets and have sorted healthy and unhealthy foods.

W/E 28.01.22

This week the Millipedes have been learning all about the story of St Dwynwen.  We have been creating storyboards and many heart themed craft.  We have designed and made our own clay love spoons and heart decorations.


In Numeracy, we have been consolidating our understanding of partitioning and developing our doubling of numbers.

Road Safety Certificates

Real PE

Suzie Grindey Art Work