Brynmenyn Primary

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Late/Absence Procedures

Children receive 2 attendance marks per day: 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.


Registers are closed at 9.15 every morning and at 1.45 each afternoon which means that everyone arriving after these times will be considered as an unauthorised absence for that session, unless the school has been previously informed.


Should your child arrive to school late (once the gates have been locked) then you should bring them around to the Reception where they can be signed in by one of the office staff who will ensure they get their mark for the morning. (The classroom doors are shut on time to ensure the children's safety)

If you arrive after the registers have been closed, they will receive a late mark but this still counts towards their attendance. 

In the case of absence due to sickness, the school must be informed on the first day of absence in order by 10.00am for us to record the absence as authorised. This should be done by email or telephone call to the school office, answerphone is available.   If you do not report your child absent, you will receive a text message stating that your child has not turned up to school and to ring the school immediately.

 Where the absence or lateness is due to hospital visits, medical or dental appointments, the school must again be informed beforehand.


If your child needs to be collected early due to an appointment.  The office must be informed by 10.00am so your child's teacher can be informed and they can be ready at the correct time.  It is recommended that appointments are made outside of the school hours to help reduce disruption and loss of learning.

Holidays should be taken during periods of school holiday. 

Pupils who are often absent from school will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer and appropriate action will be taken. All pupils are expected to achieve at least 97% attendance