Brynmenyn Primary

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Nursery - Bees

Spring Term 2022


Our topic this term is Hip Hip Hooray


It is helpful if you make sure all of your child’s uniform is labelled with his/her name.

Please put a change of clothes in your child’s bag in case they have an accident.


We will have PE on a Tuesday, please send your child in PE kit on this day. Black/Grey leggings, joggers or shorts and a white t-shirt.

Please make sure you put water and not squash in your child’s drink bottle.


This term the children will be planning a birthday party for Peppa Pig.  At the end of the term, they will be celebrating the party in class by dressing up and making party food.  Details will follow. 



Many Thanks Mrs Smith





W/E 20.05

We have had an exciting week in the Nursery Bees class. We have used the Vets and pet shop in the Street area outside our Nursery door. The children used 1 penny and 2 pence pieces to buy various pet items. Harrison spent all his pennies on hamster food and a cat toy. You should have seen how full Macsen's shopping trolley was. He definitely spent all his money.

We also had a very exciting day on Tuesday where we visited Role Play Lane. The children loved playing in the hairdressers, Post Office, and supermarket. It has been a lovely 'World of work' week.'

W/E 13.05

Hello from the Nursery Bees class. We have completed activities about  our theme,' Let's Go Green Together' this week.

We have recycled various items in class. We made sure we recycled card, paper, plastic, and old clothes in the correct containers.

The children have also enjoyed taking part in 'Mindfulness in the environment' games. We played 'Pass the Flower'. The children passed a flower to one another then paid a compliment to someone in their group. It was so lovely to hear the children's kind responses.

W/E 06.05

We have had another busy few days in The Nursery Bees class. For our theme 'Unique Me', we have asked the children to consider why we are lovely and different. We also asked who their friend is and if they could describe them to one another.

Mrs Smith said her special friend had blonde hair and wore glasses too.

We also ordered one another from the shortest to the tallest.

W/E 29.04

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready for the new term.

This week we are celebrating 'Unique Me!' We have thought about what makes us so special. We discovered after our long, lengthy chats, that we are all special!

We also decided to concentrate on what makes a good friend.  We all agreed it was important to be kind and friendly.

W/E 01.04

We have begun to celebrate Easter this week.  We have measured chocolate Easter eggs and Easter toys using Multi link cubes.  We discovered which egg was the tallest.  We have also made salt dough Easter shapes.  The children really enjoyed painting them.

W/E 25.03

We have had a busy week in the Nursery Bees.  The children have been looking after our chicks, making sure they have enough food, water and bedding to keep them cosy.  They have loved holding the chicks and watching them change every day.

W/E: 11.03

Hello from the Bees.

This week we have watched how a sunflower seed is planted and how it grows.

We then planted our own sunflower seeds.

We are watering our seeds every day and are looking for any changes.

We have also counted chicks in our numeracy sessions. We discovered more and less chicks whilst we counted.

W/E 04.03

Hello from the Nursery Bees Class.  We have had a lovely week full of celebrations.  On Tuesday, we celebrated St David's Day.  The children dressed up for the occasion and performed their "Lliwiau'r Enfys" song in front of their Foundation Phase friends.  They sang beautifully.  We were so proud of the.

In the afternoon, the children decorated their pancakes with healthy toppings of fruit.  Paige put raspberries and blueberries on hers.  It was so delicious; she ate it all up!

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day.  The children and teachers dressed up as a character from their favourite book.  Mrs Nelmes looked just like Red Riding Hood. laugh

W/E 18.02

Hello Everyone

It's been a busy week in the Nursery Bee Class again.  We have thought about St David's Day in preparation for our Eisteddfod celebration.  We have written a sentence about St David and counted real daffodils for our numeracy activity.

We also looked at the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts and copied her 'Thankful Rainbow' painting.  We used coloured chalks for the background and painted a rainbow on top!

W/E 11.02

The Nursery Bees class have completed many busy jobs this week.  We have been celebrating St Valentine's Day by making Valentine cards and 'little pots of love'.

We listened to a story about Smartie the penguin Internet Safety Day.  Smartie now understands to always ask for help when using his tablet.

We have also though about our theme 'Keep Growing' for Mental Health Week.  We listened to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and discussed how the caterpillar changed and grew, just like us. laugh

W/E 04.02

What a lovely week we've had in the Nursery Bees class.  We've continued to celebrate Chinese New Year.  It's been so fantastic learning about Chinese New Year and making crafts to celebrate.  We've made Chinese lanterns using card, sequins and gemstones.  Paitynn was such a good girl cutting across the lines.  What fantastic scissor control!! laugh

We also made lucky Chinese envelopes and popped a chocolate coin inside.  We gave it to a friend and said 'pwb lwc' to wish them well.

W/E 28.01

It is almost Chinese New Year and the Nursery Bees have been finding out what happens during the fantastic celebration.

We have also created Chinese New Year animals from clay and learned how to form Chinese numerals in rice.

Today, we ordered food from our Chinse restaurant in the street.  Mr Hulme ordered noodles! smiley

W/E 21.01.22

We have had a busy bee week in the Nursery.

We have been thinking about birthdays and parties. We have written party invitations and written a list of party foods.

We have weighed party food to see which is heavy or light.

We then designed and made sandwiches using bread and a selection of delicious fillings.

Making Sandwiches 20.01.22